Post-procedure Instructions

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Following your procedure, you will be taken to our Recovery Room where you will be monitored. Your recovery is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. Your Anesthesiologist will evaluate you and your Nurse will be with you during your recovery period. There may be some discomfort following your procedure and medications may be prescribed. You will be discharged after you are able to eat, urinate and ambulate. Then you should continue to rest in the comfort of your own home.

  • You will be contacted by one of our Nurses 24-72 hours after your procedure. If you miss our call, please call The Stone Center at 862-235-1989.
  • Please take the medications as prescribed by your doctor. Finish your entire prescription of antibiotics. Take pain medications as prescribed. See Pain Management page.
  • Resume your usual medications prescribed before your procedure unless instructed otherwise by your Urologist or other Physician who cares for you (i.e. Cardiologist).
  • Take it easy for the first 48 hours after the procedure. Do not drive or operate dangerous equipment for 24 hours following anesthesia.
  • Increase your intake of fluids, particularly water, 24—48 ounces over your usual daily fluid intake is typically recommended.
  • You may have a small amount of bleeding with urination on occasion. This is normal, and should be relieved by increasing your fluid intake.
  • Review the Discharge Instructions sent home with you.
  • Please do not “OPT OUT” of The Stone Center’s texting. It is important for us to contact you through an occasional text message to provide follow-up care 30-60 days after your procedure.
  • Please contact us with any questions about your discharge, or if you are admitted to the hospital or emergency room thirty days after discharge from The Stone Center or any complication (i.e. pain or infection).