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At The Stone Center of New Jersey, over 90 Urologists are credentialed on the Medical Staff. Urologists currently practicing in our facility include:

Bergen County

Kevin R. Basralian M. D.*
Richard D. Baum M. D.*
Mubashir Billah M. D.*
Thomas Christiano M. D.*
Christine Cumarasamy M. D.*
Michael P. Esposito M. D.*
Richard J. Garden M. D.*
Martin Goldstein M. D.*
John Hosay M.D.*

George Klafter M. D.
Vincent J. Lanteri M. D.*
Gregory Lovallo M. D.*
Daniel Lowe M. D.*
Jay S. Rosen M. D.*
Andrew Siegel M. D.*
Elliot Shulman M.D.*
Yale Shulman M.D.*
Christopher Wright M. D.*


Essex County

Amjad Alwaal M. D.
Michael Benson M. D.*
Andrew Bernstein M. D.*
Rahuldev Bhalla M. D.*
Michael P. Ciccone, M. D.*
Karl Coutinho M. D.*
Joseph V. DiTrolio M. D.*
Sean C. Egan M. D.
Joshua Fiske M. D.*

Ronald G. Frank M. D.
Kuang-Yiao Hsieh M. D.
George A. Johnson M. D.*
Evan Kovac M.D.
Michael D. LaSalle M. D.*
Mark Mann, M.D.*
James A. Saidi M. D.*
Eric Seaman M. D.*
Stuart Shoengold M. D.*

Alan D. Strumeyer M. D.*
Erol Ulker M. D.*
Robert Weiss M. D.
Jeffrey Williams M. D.*
Gregory Mullen M. D. *

Hudson County

Joel Abramowitz M. D.*
Andrew Bernstein M. D.*
Cataldo Cacace M. D.*
Karl Coutinho M.D.*
Joshua Fiske M. D.*
John Hosay M. D.*

Kuang-Yiao Hsieh M.D
Alon Mass M. D. *
Elliot Shulman M. D.*

Yale Shulman M. D.*
Jamie Uy M.D. *

Morris County

Anika Ackerman M. D.*
David Chaikin M. D.*
John P. Connor M. D.*
Vincent Cubelli M. D.*

Ayal Menashe Kaynan M. D.*
Mark Mann M.D.*
Sandip Prasad M. D.*
Lee Pressler M. D.*
Eric Seaman M. D.*
Joseph Steinberg M. D.*
Alan Strumeyer M.D.*
Perry Maganlal Sutaria M. D.*
Benjamin Taylor M. D.*
David L. Taylor M. D.*
Varun Vijay M.D.*
Kjell A. Youngren M. D.*
Gregg Zimmerman M. D.*

Passaic County

Andrew Chang M.D.*
Nathan Cheng M.D.
Christine Cumarasamy M.D.*
Michael P. Esposito M.D. *
Abraham Knoll M. D.*

Daniel Lowe M.D.*
Sharon Mei-Mei Li M. D.*
John J. Sanzone M. D.*
Burton A. Schlecker M. D.*
Matthew Shahbandi M. D.*
James D. Zinman M. D.*

Sussex County

Matthew S. Hall, M. D.*
James R. Matteson M. D.*
Frank T. Salvatore M. D.*

Union County

Andrew Bernstein M. D.*
Joshua Fiske M. D.*
John T. Gianis M. D.*
Thomas J. Gianis M. D.*
Aryeh Keehn M. D.*

Alan P. Krieger M. D.*
Alon Mass M. D.*
Mark Miller M. D.*

Brett Opell M. D.*
Kenneth S. Ring M. D.*
Jamie Uy M.D.*

Warren County

Matthew S. Hall, M. D.*
James R. Matteson M. D.*
Frank T. Salvatore M. D.*

* Please take notice that the Urologist who will be performing your procedure may be an owner.


Thanks to you and your staff for the excellent care I received from all. Sending all my positive energy and good vibes to you and your staff. Enjoy your summer, it’s here.
M.S., a very thankful and grateful patient of The Stone Center in Newark, NJ.
I love your staff at Newark. What a pleasure to come and work here. Caring, competent and coordinated. Patient focused team work!
Dr. David Taylor
Very thorough, clean, complete, focused, pre- and post-op follow ups were excellent. COVID-19 precautions taken. My commute was easy and the directions great.
There was good pre-op dialog and extra care in COVID time. Everyone was kind, courteous and informative.
I liked the ease of the appointment, the courtesy of everyone involved and the individual care. The nurse deserves a perfect 10! Thanks to all at The Stone Center for a great job!
As soon as I arrived, I was treated with a lot of respect and great care. The staff was very compassionate. Everyone involved in my care was great. I was treated like family.
Everyone was top rate. I was extremely apprehensive about the procedure, but everyone was so kind and thoughtful. Thank you all so much.
Caring, concerned and attentive staff. The parking was an A+ with valet and stamped ticket.
Great staff. Convenient parking. Keep up the good work!
Professional Staff. Excellent. 5 stars in service!
The Stone Center was outstanding in every aspect.