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All of our Anesthesiologist are board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology. You can feel secure knowing your anesthesia care is administered and monitored by our experienced anesthesia care team in a setting equipped with the latest technology and with your safety and comfort in mind. The Anesthesiology Department of the Rutgers NJ Medical School will deliver your anesthesia care at The Stone Center of New Jersey.

During your procedure your anesthesia provider will monitor your vital signs such as blood pressure, EKG, and the oxygen saturation in your blood to confirm that your procedure is progressing in a safe manner.

Your anesthesia provider will stay with you throughout your entire procedure and will accompany you to the Recovery Room after your procedure.


On the day of your treatment, one of our Anesthesiologists will review your medical history and discuss with you the type of anesthesia to be used.  Your anesthesia care team will determine the best form of anesthesia for you based on your medical procedure and your medical history.  The types of anesthesia that may be used are general, intravenous sedation or regional.  An overview of each is listed for your review.


Anesthesia is generally started with an intravenous medication given through the intravenous line (IV) that has been started in your hand or arm.  It is an anesthesia that affects the whole body and usually induces a loss of consciousness.

INTRAVENOUS SEDATION (Monitored Anesthesia Care)

Anesthesia is administered through an intravenous line (IV) that has been started in your hand or your arm.  Your anesthesia provider will give you medicine through the IV to make you comfortable and likely sedated.


Anesthesia is administered to produce a lack of sensation to a part of your body for a procedure.  These techniques include injections directly into the spinal area to block all sensation to the part of your body undergoing the procedures.  Therefore, you will experience no pain during the procedure, even though you may be aware of the activity around you. Your anesthesia provider may give you some form of sedative medicine intravenously to enhance your relaxation.


Because you receive anesthesia for this procedure you cannot leave The Stone Center without the accompaniment of an adult.  Plan to have someone with you for 24 hours after the procedure. For 24 hours you CANNOT do the following:

  • Drive a car
  • Operate hazardous machinery
  • Be left alone without assistance and
  • Make important legal and personal decisions


The anesthesia services you receive at The Stone Center of New Jersey are provided by the Anesthesiology Department of Rutgers NJ Medical School. The anesthesia charges are based on the type of procedures performed. You will receive a separate bill from the University Physician Associates of NJ. If you provide The Stone Center detailed information about your insurance, the Anesthesiologist Department will bill your insurance company first.

Note: You may verify they are in your network by calling your carrier and asking if the University Physician Associate of NJ is in your network.

You are responsible for the co-pay, deductible and your co-insurance unless you have secondary insurance covering these items. If payment is not received from your insurance company, or if only partial payment is received, then the total bill or the balance of the bill will be sent to you. The final responsibility is still yours. If you have any questions after receiving your anesthesia bill, please call the number on the bill.


Thanks to you and your staff for the excellent care I received from all. Sending all my positive energy and good vibes to you and your staff. Enjoy your summer, it’s here.
M.S., a very thankful and grateful patient of The Stone Center in Newark, NJ.
I love your staff at Newark. What a pleasure to come and work here. Caring, competent and coordinated. Patient focused team work!
Dr. David Taylor
Very thorough, clean, complete, focused, pre- and post-op follow ups were excellent. COVID-19 precautions taken. My commute was easy and the directions great.
There was good pre-op dialog and extra care in COVID time. Everyone was kind, courteous and informative.
I liked the ease of the appointment, the courtesy of everyone involved and the individual care. The nurse deserves a perfect 10! Thanks to all at The Stone Center for a great job!
As soon as I arrived, I was treated with a lot of respect and great care. The staff was very compassionate. Everyone involved in my care was great. I was treated like family.
Everyone was top rate. I was extremely apprehensive about the procedure, but everyone was so kind and thoughtful. Thank you all so much.
Caring, concerned and attentive staff. The parking was an A+ with valet and stamped ticket.
Great staff. Convenient parking. Keep up the good work!
Professional Staff. Excellent. 5 stars in service!
The Stone Center was outstanding in every aspect.