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The Stone Center Staff is Dedicated to Providing High Quality Patient Care

My nurse Barbara was the best nurse I have ever had take care of me ! The Center was very accommodating with an extremely professional staff !
C.B. Oct. 2018
Nurse Stephanie was the best nurse ever ! She would make Florence Nightingale proud. I highly recommend this location.
J.M. Jan. 2018
Everyone was wonderful, excellent care. Admission is flawless, great valet parking and a wonderful staff.
A.K. May 2018
What I like most about The Stone Center is the professionalism. There are many patients there and I never felt neglected. The procedure was painless and effective – the most important thing. I highly recommend your facility.
This afternoon I went in for lithotripsy and have to say I actually had a great experience. I would like to thank everyone from the valet to the front desk, my nurse, tech, anesthesiologist and wonderful doctor. Pure Excellence.
C.G July 2018.
I am particularly pleased with the entire staff. You are the best !! I have been a patient in several urology clinics but I can’t compare to yours. Everything is perfect and the employees are more than excellent! 
B.M. Oct. 2018
The check in process was efficient and courteous. It was an overall positive experience with excellent service and a very professional staff.   
R.D. Oct. 2018
My nurse was fantastic, caring and knowledgeable.
R.L.,MD Jan. 2018
The nurse was very helpful, caring, attentive and courteous which put me at ease. Everyone there from billing to insurance, nurses and doctors etc. did an excellent job. Thank you !
J. M.
Everyone  I came in contact with were very professional and informative.
P.N. Oct. 2018
I had 2 procedure here in the past 2 weeks. Kidney issues are new to me but I will say going forward this is the only place I will go ! The staff is extremely knowledgeable and have seen many cases like the one you have !! I like that you have  a dedicated nurse that goes right into the OR with you ! Of course they have all the equipment to treat stones where other places may not have everything they have. Bedside manner is awesome as well. Kudos to The Stone Center.
I.W.V Aug. 2018
My opinion of medical facilities was not very high until I came to the Stone Center. Your staff completely changed my opinion. They all treated me as though I was someone special. The whole staff provided exceptional service.
G.O. Sept. 2017